Sites and People I Follow

Here are some of the websites that I check on a daily basis for interesting ideas and information in the worlds of food and nutrition:

  • Summer Tomato – Awesome site for nutrition information, healthy recipes, and all around interesting posts
  • Michael Pollan – Author of multiple books including The Omnivores Dilemma, which provides a wealth of information about our modern day agricultural system, follow him for interesting articles about the state of our modern food system. I highly recommend his books, fascinating and eye-opening reads
  • Mark Bittman – NY Times columnist and cookbook author. Lots of interesting posts with recipes, and commentary on modern issues in nutrition and agriculture. His bestselling cookbook, “How to Cook Everything”, is the only cookbook I own
  • The Novice Chef – Amazing looking recipe ideas, always looks exciting and I will definitely be trying some of them soon!
  • The Food Fight Blog – Interesting posts on various topics and issues in the food industry
  • Marks Daily Apple – Interesting articles and recipes related to “primal living”. Personally I don’t follow the primal lifestyle fully, however I still find some great articles and interesting recipe ideas (almond butter pancakes?)
  • Nerd Fitness – Great and entertaining blog on how to “level up your life”. Written in a fun and accessible manner with great tips, ideas, and “hacks”
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