I love food! Now that we have got that out of the way let me tell you a bit about myself. I live in a small University town in Ontario, Canada where I am finishing up the final year of my undergraduate education in the the field of engineering. Over the past few years living on my own I have developed a true love for cooking. It is my entertainment and my outlet when I need some relaxation. I am constantly fascinated with all the amazing new aspects of food and cooking that I continue to discover and I wanted to start this blog in order to document and share this journey with others.

In addition to my love of food and cooking I have spent the last few years exploring the worlds of wine, tea, craft beer, and whisky. The complexity and flavour present in these beverages never ceases to amaze me and I will sometimes post on my thoughts and experiences related to these awesome beverages!

Along with my interest in food, cuisine, and cooking I have a strong interest in fitness, health and nutrition. I am constantly fascinated by the question of how our dietary choices affect our bodies and do lots of reading into this subject as well. In addition to my posts on cooking, and dining experiences, I will sometimes post my thoughts on interesting articles and developments in the world of fitness and nutrition.

I hope you enjoy the posts on this site and I am eager to for any feedback, tips, and suggestions to try out as I continue my exploration of the amazing world of food!


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