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Growing Herbs – Part II

Wow! Its been a pretty crazy week (hence the lack of posts) but I really wanted to give this quick update on the status of my window-box herb garden. So just to recap, at the end of April I started to grow some herb plants on my apartment windowsill. I started off with two plants from seed (cilantro and Thai basil) which I had just planted. I also had future plans to buy some more herbs as seedlings to add to the collection.

Last weekend at the farmers market I picked up a rosemary plant, which is one of my all time favorite herbs and definitely the one I am most looking forward to using. I also bought some thyme as it is frequently used in French cooking, something that I want to explore a bit more this summer. Both plants are doing well so far and I have definitely seen some growth in the rosemary plant especially just in the one week I have had it. Probably in another week or two they will be ready for use!

Now onto the seeds I planted myself. Much to my great surprise within a mere week of planting the seeds I started to see some green poking out of the soil in the tai basil pots! The cilantro began to follow a few days later and rapidly started to outgrow the smaller Thai basil. I was really surprised at how easy it was to get the seeds started; just daily watering and a sunny window. Now that we are starting to get more sunny days hopefully the plants will start to grow even faster. The cilantro is growing incredibly and I will have to start thinning out some of the plants soon so they don’t compete for space too much. The Thai basil, while off to a good start, seems to have slowed its growth so I will be keeping a close eye on it in the next week.

So far I have really enjoyed this experience of growing my own herbs. It is definitely rewarding and I can’t wait to use them in  my own cooking (lamb with rosemary anyone?). I still plan on adding a few more plants in the coming weeks (mint, sage, basil) and will post again about the status soon!


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