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First Post/Red Snapper Simmered in Tomato and Onion

So I guess this if  my first post on this new blog! Over the past few years (and especially the past few months) I have truly dived right in to cooking. I have started to read cookbooks and websites for new recipe ideas, develop my food-preparation skills. The name of this blog, The Inquisitive Chef, reflects my constant desire to keep on exploring new avenues in the worlds of food, cooking, and nutrition. I am eager to learn everything I possibly can and am always happy for a new suggestion or idea.

One of my favorite new activities is shopping at the farmers market for the best ingredients I can find. I am fortunate enough to live very close to a well-known farmers market in Southwest Ontario and have started to make trips up there whenever I am around on a Saturday.This being Canada, and it being only April, there is not a tonne of fresh, local produce out right now, so I think I will still have to wait a bit for a true “farmers market experience”. Nonetheless, I have been able to find some truly amazing fish, meat, and poultry, as well as delicious baked goods, fresh Ontario Maple Syrup, and some great produce (there is still some winter vegetables and greenhouse crops). Overall though I just love the experience of walking around the farmers market and seeing all the activity and interesting things to try.

For my first post I figured I would share a dish I made a few weeks ago after my second trip to the Farmers Market. I picked up an awesome piece of snapper and I pulled my new cookbook, “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman, off the shelf. I found a recipe for white-fish slow simmered in a tomato sauce. Luckily I had a can of Tomatoes in the pantry and I whipped this up with some onion and garlic and slow-cooked the fish in the sauce.

As a side, I made some brussel sprouts, which have become one of my favorite green vegetables due to their texture and ability to be mixed with so many flavours. Thanks to one of the blogs I regularly follow (www.summertomato.com), I found a method of cooking the sprouts so that they are not bitter and retain a great texture. The key is to boil them for a brief 5 minute period (not longer or they will overcook!) and then transfer them to your skillet where you can combine any other flavours you like (for this dish I did some simple olive oil, oregano, sea salt, and pepper).

Here was my finished product (plating/presentation is still something I am just starting to get a feel for):

Overall the fish was delicious and I would definitely cook it this way again. The tomatoes gave a real richness to the relatively mild snapper, and the brussel sprouts went really well as a fresh and light side.

Well thats all for now, in the future I will try and post more complete recipes for the dishes I make, this one was from a few weeks back and the details are kind of escaping me right now.

Keep Inquiring


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